Underwater LED Lights

Underwater LED Lights

Underwater LED lights can be great bling for your boat, keeping the kids entertained and creating pretty nighttime effects, illuminating the wake on the journey home.

Did you know they can also be a great tool for savvy fishos wanting to improve their luck?

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Why buy Underwater LED Lights for your fishing boat?

  1. Attracts Bait
    At anchor, Underwater LED lights are magnet for plankton, which in turn draws bait fish to the underside of your boat. Squid are also attracted to the LED light source.

  2. wavelength Improves water clarity
    Underwater LED lights come in a variety of colours and offer different benefits. For improving water clarity, green is an ideal choice, as it reflects less particles, however for range, blue's short wavelength can be viewed over greater distances. Light penetration often comes down to the size and power output of the light.

  3. Low heat, low power draw
    Submerged under the waterline, LED lights won't draw swarms of bugs into the boat, which is a plus for anyone fishing in mangrove or inland areas. Submerged lights are also low heat output, as their design is water cooled. Most models offer minimal power requirement, and are available in 12v.

  4. Convenient installation
    For convenience, flush mounted or transom mounted lights are easy to install and simple to maintain, just requiring an occasional wipe to clear any biological growth or fouling. Thru-hull lights can achieve a similar effect but require installation when the boat is dry docked for maintenance due to extended time for fitting.

  5. Long lifespan
    Impact proof and comprised of powerful LED's this style of light often is extremely durable and hardly ever requires replacement. The product is designed to last over 40,000 hours.

Like more information on Underwater LED Lights for your boat? AMI recommend Macris Industries Underwater LED MIU Series:

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  • Available in a range of 4 sizes, including new economical MIU-L10, only 200mm long and great for boats up to 8m in length.
  • Selection of colours including ice blue, royal blue, white, aqua, winter green and standard green.
  • Spotlight Lightbar Option for above the water: New Macris Alpha LED Lightbar, customisable length and perfect for lighting up areas of the boat when bringing your catch up on deck.
  • Available in 12V, 24V or 10-30V options depending on model
  • One of the most economical, yet powerful options in the market
  • Extremely waterproof, completely encased in PMMA acrylic composite - IP68 rated.
  • Made in the USA

Download a brochure

Macris Range Booklet
Includes MIU, IS Utility, Alpha LED Lightbar and Chroma Dynamic Pixel Colour change lights

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