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  1. Marine Toilet Systems
    Marine Toilet Systems

    Modern marine toilet systems are extremely water efficient, small in footprint and very flexible for installation. Options available for rugged commercial use or luxurious models suitable even for Superyacht bathrooms. Contact AMI Marine to discuss options for your vessel.

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  2. Sewage Treatment Plant
    Sewage Treatment Plant

    Sewage treatment plants treat waste product (grey or black water) in an environmentally compliant manner allowing it to be discharged into the sea without breaching MARPOL regulation. These units come in a range of sizes suited to various classes of vessel or facility, and are extremely rugged and reliable.

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  3. Watermakers

    Having a watermaker on board can both save the operator fuel and money, and also offer the convenience of fresh water on board available at any time, extending a leisure vessel’s cruising capability, or a commercial vessel’s operational schedule. Various models available from manual operation, to fully automatic models.

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  4. Oily Water Separator
    Oily Water Separator

    Required for MARPOL compliance, an oily water separator (OWS) (marine) is a piece of equipment specific to the shipping or marine industry. It is used to separate oil and water mixtures into their separate components.

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