Stabilisation Systems


What do Stabilisers do?

Stabilisation systems such as Side-Power's Vector Fin and SPS55 Actuator system dramatically increase the comfort of those onboard, and are a beneficial safety measure, whilst at the same time improving fuel consumption.


Increased comfort on board

  • More use of the boat as you can go out in more weather conditions.
  • People that easily get seasick can now enjoy boating.
  • Less wear and tear of the boat as you do not have to always head into or away from larger waves to avoid the uncomfortable rolling motion.

Increased safety on board

    • Reduced risk of accidents caused by unexpected boat roll.
    • Increased crew awareness by less fatigue and discomfort.

Improved performance even in rough weather

Overall fuel consumption will be reduced because with stabilizers, you can take the direct route to where you wish to go, even in rough conditions.


About Seasickness

As can be seen from numerous medical studies, different people have different levels of resistance to motion sickness, which is the medical term for seasickness. Both at anchor, and during use, rolling motions of the vessel are reduced with Vector Fins, resulting in a more comfortable boating experience.

Vector Fins - a simple solution to a complex problem!

The Vector Fin stabilizers dramatically improve the roll reduction efficiency while at the same time reducing undesired yaw and sway motions caused by active fins.

Up to 55% less side-effects than conventional stabilizer systems!


Why are the Vector Fins™ so much better?

Vector Fins simply re-direct the force direction/ force vectors so that more of the force will benefit roll reduction and less force is wasted on the negative sideeffects of yaw and sway that is unfavorable for a boat’s handling and comfort on board.

The vertical concave shape of the fin creates a net force direction, both in cruising and in "At Anchor" situations, so the work is more "up/down" instead of side to side or almost horizontal, as flat fins work with forces parallel to the hull angle. But there is more. By changing the net force angle, this also increases the leverage arm around the boat's rolling point, further increasing the physical forces that work on the boat to reduce roll. This provides a lot more roll stabilization per fin size, which means that drag, power consumption, internal space occupation as well as load on the mechanical parts is a lot less than with other fins that can give a similar roll reduction.


SPS55 Actuator

Construction benefits:

The new SPS55 actuators for the Vector Fins™ are incredibly compact and silent, designed to fit in the small available spaces in modern boats below 20m/70ft where living space is strongly prioritized.

The SPS55 actuators have been designed to satisfy the needs of owner operated vessels with a total focus on reliability and hassle free operation, as well as ensuring a quiet operation as they will most likely be installed below the floor in living spaces.


SPS66 / 92 / 93 Actuators

The height inside the boat is often the key measurement to allow for installation in modern boats. The SPS66 / SPS92 and SPS93 are typically 25% to 75% lower than others. Side-Power actuators for the Vector Fins™ are constructed for easy installation and minimal noise reproduction.


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