Steering And Trim Control

  1. Hydraulic Steering
    Hydraulic Steering

    Hydraulic steering systems for boats are available in a range of styles and equipment depending on the size of the vessel. Smaller vessels may opt for hydraulic steering to replace mechanical cable style equipment, as it offers minimal maintenance and suits most major outboard brands. Hydraulic steering for larger vessels typically involves a larger more complex propulsion system based upon engine torque and power.

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  2. Dynamic Trim Control
    Dynamic Trim Control

    Dynamic Trim Control aids both smaller and larger vessels by reducing dangerous pitch and roll, and by making the vessel easier to manouver by reducing wave resistance. A typical system consists of interceptors at the rear of the vessel hull which provide the lift force, an integrated control, gps and servo motor. These systems are available in a range of sizes and configurations suitable for a variety of hull shapes.

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  3. Bow & Stern Thrusters
    Bow & Stern Thrusters

    Equipment mounted or built into the bow or stern of the vessel, the thruster is a propulsion device used to make the vessel more easily manoeuvrable especially when docking or in low speed. The Captain can turn the vessel to the port or starboard side without engaging the main propusion system of the vessel. Thrusters are available in a wide range of sizes and applications for either leisure or commercial vessels.

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